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Librarians as information literacy champions

Librarians as information literacy champions

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Librarians as information literacy champions

On the 23rd March 2012 the Hampshire School Library Service held the Annual seminar for secondary subscribing schools.  This year the seminar focused on information literacy in the secondary school.  The aim was to support raising the profile of information literacy within the school and to encourage librarians to broaden the range of the work already taking place in the library.

Carol Webb, SLA School Librarian of the Year 2011 outlined her approach to Information Literacy  at the Forest Hill School in London.

The second part of the morning  focused on the Hampshire Five model of information literacy and how to embed the e-resources provided by the SLS into information literacy work.

Below are PDF links to the presentations used on the day:

Independent Learning

Attainment is Absolute

Hampshire Five

(If you are a SLS Moodle subscriber the full versions of the presentations with notes are available in the Secondary Free Seminar course area)