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Urgent MLS Update

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Urgent MLS Update
by Andy Macfarlane - Thursday, 17 November 2016, 4:06 PM

Dear all,

MLS have sent through some advice to resolve some of the HTML5 problems and improve your experience for all .net hosted customers please follow the below guidance: 

The following articles can be used to resolve all loading/speed issues with HTML5 Management. - Web Settings - Trusted sites - Proxy Exceptions - HTML5 Speed

There is an issue with compatibility sites being added within Internet Explorer we would need the * address removing from IE views.

1. Access ‘Tools’ or the ‘Cog Wheel Icon’ at the top right using Internet Explorer 11.

2. Open the setting labelled ‘Compatibility View Settings’.

3. Ensure that the ‘*’ address and any other ‘microlibrarian’ address has been removed.

4. Re-load the management page within Internet Explorer and the content should now display fine once more.

Kind regards, Andy Macfarlane