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MLS Problems
by Andy Macfarlane - Thursday, 17 November 2016, 1:29 PM

Dear all,

As notified during the forums MLS are currently upgrading all schools who have a hosted version of JL.Net or Eclipse.Net to their new HTML 5 version.

This is great for schools as you will no longer need Silverlight to access your library software.

However there have been a number of issues during the upgrade, I have been working closely with MLS to get these resolved.  If you are still experiencing problems accessing you system or there are problems with functionality, please log them with MLS as well as sending me an email.

MLS have assured me they are close to resolving most problems and they will be emailing schools to notify you of the potential problems.

There has also been a problem with the AD linking, all schools who use AD linking please contact MLS to get the instructions on the new patch which your IT staff must will apply. This will resolve the problem and AD will start to work again.

Yours faithfully, Andy Macfarlane