Authors & Storytellers

This section includes information on how to participate in the termly SLS Virtual author sessions, advice on how to organise an in person school author event to ensure the pupils get the most out of the visit, contact details for Author/storytellers and alerts about free author events arranged by the publishers. Follow the links below to find out more.
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Virtual Meet the Author

Each term SLS offers a range of Virtual Author events. Find here the details of the current VMTA, together with how schools can take part.

Author Events

Having an author visit your school can be an amazing experience for the children. This article looks at how to get the most impact out of such an event.

Author & Storytellers List

Author/storyteller/illustrator sessions are a great way to inspire children to read, write and draw. Stories can be brought to life as their creator explains what inspired them to create the story.

Latest Author Opportunities

Occasionally publishers and other organisations share author opportunities with us that schools can participate in. These are all events separate to any event organised by Hampshire SLS.