Welcome to our Virtual Meet the Author Programme. Register to take part and give your pupils the opportunity to experience a traditional author event from the comfort of their own classrooms. We have a selection of fantastic authors lined up this year who are prepared to answer your pupils' questions.

The price is only £50 per school, per author for subscribing schools

Registration is now open for the Spring Authors. Click the images below to see our Meet the Author Sway, where you can find the registration form. Alternatively, click here to sign up. Their videos will be available from 
26 February until 24 May 2024 and the deadline to submit your questions to the authors is 26 January 2024. After this date you will not be able to submit questions, but you will still be able to enjoy the author's presentations.

Peter Bently Laura Ellen Anderson
Simon James Green
Peter Bently Laura Ellen Anderson Simon James Green

Our Autumn Authors are now available to view. Their videos are available from 13 November 2023 until 9 February 2024. Click the images to sign up and click the buttons below to access the workshops.

Sharon Rentta Guy Bass
Jennifer Killick
Ross Collins Guy Bass Jennifer Killick