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Hampshire Writing Competition Registration

Hampshire Writing Competition Registration

by Hampshire School Library Service - (SLS HQ) -
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Writing CompRegistration for the Hampshire Writing Competition for secondary schools is open.

The competition has been designed with teachers and librarians in mind to provide a vehicle for your creative writing groups to showcase their best work.

Co-ordinators need to be able to login to our Moodle for all the instructions. If your nominated competition co-ordinator doesn't have a Moodle logon, please email for one.

Pupils will also need a login to submit their story. In order for a one to be created for them, the Moodle needs an individual school email address (not a personal one). We will not be using these email addresses to communicate with your pupils as all their instructions are published for them to read online. Co-ordinators should fill in the registration form with pupils' names and return it to us.

If your pupils do not have school email addresses, do not be put off: please email for a solution. All pupil logins will be deleted at the end of the competition.

Go to our Student Zone page for more information.