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Potential Junior Librarian Security Issue Resolved

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Potential Junior Librarian Security Issue Resolved
by Hampshire School Library Service - (SLS HQ) - Tuesday, 19 September 2017, 7:44 AM

We recently sent a communication to you all regarding our concerns around a potential security flaw with MLS’s Junior Librarian.Net software.  After reporting the issue to MLS, they applied a fix the same day.


Hampshire SLS would like to report that we are happy with MLS’s resolution to the problem and that we consider schools’ data is secure. 


The identified problem was around how pupils accessed the review function from the front screen.  Customers had requested the ability to allow pupils to access the review section by just scanning or imputing their borrower barcode number.  This then brought up the review window, displaying the pupil’s name and class. The functionality was only enabled on some customer’s sites.


Following the changes, to access the review section or any of the pupil or teachers account area, the librarian needs to set up a Pin/Username and password.  Borrows can still issue and return books in school by just scanning or entering their barcode number, once the Librarian has enabled circulate on that PC.


We do advise that schools have a complex borrower barcode that consists of numbers and a letter; this is set up in the management area of the system.


If you have any queries regarding this or any Library Management issues please do not hesitate to contact SLS Head Quarters or 01962 826660

(Edited by Andy Macfarlane - original submission Monday, 18 September 2017, 4:46 PM)