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Important Secondary eBook Update

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Important Secondary eBook Update
by Hampshire School Library Service - (SLS HQ) - Wednesday, 7 June 2017, 3:27 PM

As you all will be aware Hampshire SLS has started rolling out our eBook platform to all subscribing secondary schools.

We are holding a second launch event for those schools that were unable to attend the first event in April.

We have received really positive feedback following the April’s launch, currently 80% of our secondary schools are set up and using it with their students.

Please read below to find out more information and book your free places on to the event.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact Andy Macfarlane at SLS HQ on 01962 826660.

Second Launch Event:

Please sign up to our free event at Winchester Discovery Centre on Tuesday 20th of June in the morning  from 9am - 12.30pm.

 Please sign up through Hampshire’s CAS site (click here).

The launch events are free and are aimed to provide an overview of the eBook platform and will include the following:

  • Student enrolment methods

  • An overview of the management tools

  • Suggestions on student launch

  • Suggestions on possible use for Teaching and Learning

  • Points for SLT’s to consider regarding in school use

  • An overview of the shop and how to build your own collection 

This event is aimed at 4 groups of school staff:

  • SLT’s

  • English Teachers

  • Librarians

  • IT Staff

This event will be run by Hants SLS Digital Team and James Richmond Wheelers UK Development Executive.

School Setup:

James from Wheelers will be contacting schools over the next two weeks to get your schools platform set up; this will involve creating your spoke ready for your schools launch. 

If your school is not ready to start using the platform or is unsure about eBooks please let James set your school up.  This stage does not include setting students up so no student data is needed.

The set up is free and there is no cost to have our eBook platform, the cost for the platform and our central collection is included in your SLA just like our eResource packages.

Platform Information:

Hampshire SLS’s eBook platform will be set up in a hub and spoke arrangement, with our central collection (see link) sitting at the hub; then schools set up as spokes.

Our central hub collection will be the largest and broadest education consortium platform in the UK.  Each school will be a spoke and will have access to our collection as well as being able to purchase eBooks to build their own bespoke collection.

The platform has dual use, both for ‘reading for pleasure’ and ‘teaching and learning’.  Schools will be able to purchase multiple copies which will enable them to deliver whole class teaching as well as smaller groups for intervention.  Schools will have access to purchase fiction and non-fiction.  Teachers will have the ability to display the eBooks electronically on an interactive white board or projector.

Our platform is stand alone and works through any web browser on a PC or Mac, or through an app on any mobile or tablet device.  Schools do not need to have a specific library management system to use our platform.