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MLS Upgrade reminder

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MLS Upgrade reminder
by Hampshire School Library Service - (SLS HQ) - Monday, 8 May 2017, 2:11 PM

reading cloud logoJust a quick reminder that the discount negotiated by SLS when moving from JL3 to or the Reading Cloud runs out at the end of this month, so you have three weeks of the discount period left.

You will find a document on the Librarians/Eclipse and JL pages of the Moodle which spells out the differences between the old and new systems and the current MLS pricing model.

SLS normally runs a one day workshop for JL users once a term. However we have added two extra dates this term especially for those who are moving systems. Please see our Training/Calendar pages for the extra dates and the Training/Flyers page for details of what the course covers.

The workshop format means that you can work at your own pace on your own system, and you will have pack of detailed training modules to take away with you. Subscribers (and even non-subscribing schools) will find the cost of SLS training a fraction of that provided by MLS.