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Siobhan Dowd Trust funding

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Siobhan Dowd Trust funding
by Hampshire School Library Service - (SLS HQ) - Tuesday, 14 February 2017, 4:41 PM

logoIn 2017 The Siobhan Dowd Trust will be giving away £1000 monthly to groups to go to a local bookshop (preferably a small Independent bookseller with a good stock of children’s and YA books) and select books. This competition is open to any group which works with disadvantaged young people, not just schools. Last year a scout group was one of the winners – the Trust would like to hear from more non-school groups, but you do need to demonstrate disadvantage in your application. Where possible, they would like the pupils to be PP or need encouragement/recognition in some way.

The selection is to be made by a small number of pupils aided by Librarians and Booksellers. Part of the aim of this project is to encourage the art of browsing and for young people to feel ownership about the books chosen for their school.

The winners will be announced from the 1st of March on (eg January winners = 1st March announcement; February = 1st April etc). This is to give the Judges time to allocate the grants. Find out more on the Siobhan Dowd Trust website.