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Hants SLS Edoocoo Site
by Andy Macfarlane - Friday, 31 March 2017, 3:22 PM

We have set up a Hampshire SLS circle on a fantastic new educational platform for education called Edoocoo.

Click Here

This Circle will include IT activities and events the Hampshire SLS Digial team are running along with a resolutions to problems or difficulties you may be may be facing in school.

You will also have access to the Eclipse Circle run by the MLS team to support any queries you may have and a Junior Circle is being created shortly. Daniel Tennent one of the directors of MLS will also be monitoring these so please register as soon as possible.

Daniel Tennent will be monitoring this circle so please post your comments for MLS here, and Daniel will try to get any problems you may have resolved. Hampshire SLS work closely with MLS so we hope together we can get Junior Librarian and Exclipse problems resolved.

Kind regards, Andy