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MLS Active Directory Linking

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MLS Active Directory Linking
by Andy Macfarlane - Tuesday, 31 January 2017, 1:18 PM

For schools who are using an MLS hosted version of JL.Net or Eclipse.Net and have or want Active Directory (AD) linking please read.

MLS has changed the preferred method of AD linking to Azure AD. This is in line with Microsoft development strategy.

Azure AD offers a more secure and stable method of AD linking compared to its predecessor. Azure AD is quick and simple to set up: if your school already has Azure AD set up, your library LMS can be added in minutes. 

The benefits of Azure AD:

  • Single Sign On from with school, enabling your pupils to be automatically logged into your LMS
  • Your students IT user name and password will be linked to your LMS enabling them to have home access and the iMLS app.
  • Your users security details are held by Microsoft and not MLS and Azure link acts as a 'Gate Keeper' which allows MLS to access the data.

Please go to the Librarians/IT section for the set up instructions: Azure AD Set Up Instructions.

For further information please look at the following MLS Edoocoo page.

If your school does not use a Microsoft product like Office 365 and does not have physical servers in school, and you use Google for your email; MLS are currently working on linking to Google's platform which will achieve the same result.

If you experience problems with the new AD linking please contact the MLS help desk

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(Edited by Fareham HQ - original submission Tuesday, 31 January 2017, 1:17 PM)