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Hampshire School Library Service works with several Library Management System suppliers to ensure that we are able to support our schools with whichever product they decide to use.

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Schools moving to Arbor

Schools have reported problems with the student import process to their LMS after moving from SIMS to Arbor.

Arbor assigns students a new management system ID or Unique Pupil Number (UPN) which is different to the one assigned by SIMS.

When completing the student import, Reading Cloud and Libresoft match students based on their management system ID. As the two IDs do not correspond, they will not match during the import.

One option is to remove the current borrower records and start with a fresh import with the new UPNs. However, this does mean that all previous borrower data will be lost.

Schools are advised to contact their LMS provider (Reading Cloud, Libresoft, etc) if they are changing to Arbor. Reading Cloud have suggested possible alternative solutions, but these would need to be discussed directly with them and on a case-by-case basis.

You can find a link to Arbor Support here.

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