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This page provides links to the completed Hampshire SLS Book Awards. This information can be used to shadow the awards in subsequent years or, as a teacher or a librarian in Hampshire, you want some ideas for promoting reading in school. Participating schools will receive support materials by email only as the event begins. Support materials for the current year's awards will become available here only after its conclusion.

Champion of Champions

This year the School Library Service celebrates 21 years of our flagship book award for Year 8 pupils, the Hampshire Book Award. We are delighted to let you know that for one year only, we are holding a free HBA Champion of Champions Book Award open to all secondary subscribing schools during the autumn term. The 21 books that have won the HBA from 2003 to 2023 inc. will go head-to-head in a knockout vote, where eventually an overall winner will be revealed. Retaining the award’s key principles, we invite all KS3 and KS4 students to take part in this Champion of Champions book award.

Hampshire Book Award

The Hampshire Book Award involves Year 8 students reading 6 shortlisted books and judging the winner.

Hampshire Picture Book Award

The Hampshire Picture Book Award introduces new picture books to Year 1 pupils, extending their experience and developing a love of books.

Hampshire Information Book Award

The Hampshire Information Book Award sees Year 4 pupils judge a shortlist of 5 books chosen for their potential both to stimulate discussion and to reinforce the value of information books in the digital age.

Hampshire Illustrated Book Award

The Hampshire Illustrated Book Award is an annual award for picture books for older readers. Year 5 pupils judge 6 books chosen  to introduce children to new and exciting ways of working in Art and Music lessons.