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Welcome to SLS Bookmark, a set of curated articles written by our Advisory team. These articles have been written to support and inspire your work to nurture reading and literacy in your school. We hope that you enjoy them and welcome feedback, including topics that you may wish to see covered.
SLS Bookmark Science

The Power of Peer Recommendations

Here are some top tips to encourage a culture of peer recommendations in your school.

Teen and Teen+

The Importance of Book Talk

Book Talk, Book Blether, Book Chat – book-related discussion can go by many names but what exactly is it and, with time so tight in schools, why squeeze it in?

SLS Bookmark Science

Engaging with Science Subjects in Secondary Schools

This article will give secondary schools a range of ideas and activities to promote science subjects in the school library with practical approaches to engaging students and departments.

Teen and Teen+

How SLS can support SMSC in the classroom

School librarians form an essential bridge when weaving aspects of SMSC into the classroom. A wealth of resources from SLS are available to enhance pupils learning of the wider world.

Teen and Teen+

Distinguishing Between Books for Younger and Older Teens

In a school library, it is the librarian’s responsibility to balance the desire to provide all students with free choice with safeguarding younger readers from more mature content.

Bringing Picture Books to life

Research has shown the positive impact of storytimes on speech and language development, but we don’t all feel confident in reading aloud. This article provides some top tips to help you get started.

Read to the Stars

Making the most of Sora in the classroom

The SLS Virtual Library is a diverse and accessible resource that supports reading for pleasure not just at home, but in the classroom as well.

SLS Bookmark Book Covers

Living Collections – Giving your library stock the attention it needs

“Less is more”. “Can’t see the wood for the trees”. These common phrases summarise why editing book stock can be so critical in an effective library.

Promoting Peace and Tolerance in Times of Conflict

We have updated our “Promoting Peace and Tolerance in Times of Conflict” booklist to support schools with current affairs and in time for the United Nations’ International Day for Tolerance.

Read to the Stars

‘Race, Identity & Equality’ and ‘Diverse Characters’ Booklists

How we identify and how we see the world can be littered with mistruths and unconscious bias. Educators and librarians nurture young minds, fostering empathy, inclusivity and understanding.

Boy with Books Block

Everyday Poetry – National Poetry Day and Beyond

Poetry surrounds us daily, from advertising jingles to the Poet Laureate’s works. How can we convert this into an overt and on-going love of poetry in our students?

Information Literacy Block

Information Literacy - Why Learning to Find Information is Important

Information Literacy is a vital skill that is often overlooked. The SLS Package is designed to help schools develop these skills in pupils in a way that can be incorporated across the curriculum.

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