SLS Bookmark

Welcome to SLS Bookmark, a set of curated articles written by our Advisory team. These articles have been written to support and inspire your work to nurture reading and literacy in your school. We hope that you enjoy them and welcome feedback, including topics that you may wish to see covered.

Introducing Modern Foreign Languages into the Library

This article explores how learning different languages can help to develop creative expression and gives ideas on how you can celebrate foreign languages in your library.

"To Do or Not To Do?" - National Shakespeare Week

Teaching Shakespeare in Primary schools can seem daunting, but with access to the right resources and some lateral thinking, introducing Shakespeare might even be fun!

World Book Day - An Inclusive Celebration of Reading

This article will give schools practical and inclusive ideas to implement across the school putting the focus back on celebrating reading for pleasure on World Book Day.

Who Does not like a Freebie? How to Deal with Donations

Freebies, donations; surely you can’t go wrong? In this article, SLS Advisers Bridget Rowley & Vicki Bennett look at how to deal with donations whilst maintaining a balanced school stock.

Infusing the Library with Opportunities for Art Appreciation

“Oh I didn’t realise you did art books” - a chance remark spurred SLS Adviser Sian Wiffen to share ideas on ways you can infuse an appreciation of art into the library and the wider school.

Empathy - a skill we can all develop!

How can we encourage and foster this important life skill in our students? Opening their eyes to the world through their reading for pleasure journey is an important step.

Tapping into eMagazines to Promote Reading and Enjoyment

While a magazine can be picked up and read easily and quickly, Emma Ostler looks at the added benefits of using eMagazines and how more children can access eMagazines.

Embedding Diversity and Inclusion in your Library Stock

Once a Diversity and Inclusion Audit for your school library has been completed, what are the next steps?. This article looks at how you can bring about positive changes in your school.

Libraries of Sanctuary Project

We’re delighted to share this article from our colleagues in the Public Library Service who are working towards the worthy 'Libraries of Sanctuary' award.

Accessibility Cover Image

How Accessible is your School Library for Disadvantaged Pupils?

The current economic situation sees the word ‘poverty’ being linked to food, fuel and children. Lead Adviser Bridget Rowley considers how schools can reduce the impact of ‘book poverty’.

Disposing of Books Cover Image

Are you Listening? Audiobooks for Reading for Pleasure

Before the written word, a world of bards captivated people with stories of history, legend and derring-do. SLS Service Manager Helen Bryant explores the value of the spoken word.

Disposing of Books Cover Image

How to Dispose of Unwanted Books in your Library

From time to time, you need to edit your library but what should you do with the books you remove from stock? Lead Adviser Helen Walton explores some possible solutions.

Reading Culture Cover Image

Creating a Whole School Reading Culture

This article aims to give schools practical tips and ideas to implement across the whole school to improve the reading culture in the school community.

Support Pupils at Home Cover Image

How to Support Pupils at Home with Reading for Pleasure

Not all children have access to reading materials at home – especially books that allow them to read purely for pleasure. SLS @ Home aims to reach every child and provide them with that gift.

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Comic Books are Reluctant Superheroes

How do we reach reluctant readers? Comic Books are a great resource for reluctant readers (especially amongst teens). SLS Hampshire now has a package of comics available on Sora.

Using our Transition Leaflets to sustain reading over Summer

It's well-known that children lose reading momentum over the long summer holidays -
Helen Walton discusses how to spark a student's enthusiasm for reading.

Sex Ed Cover Image

Let's Talk About Sex & Relationships in Secondary School Libraries

One of our Lead Advisers, Abby Bunton, assesses how school libraries can do more to be inclusive and open to the presence of sex and relationships in library stock.

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Never too old for a Picture Book!

Don’t dismiss picture books — Emma Ostler discusses how they can still be really enjoyable at KS2 and have a multitude of uses beyond just being a good read.