SLS Training 2022-23

"The 'Managing your Primary School Library' course run by the School Library Service has been invaluable to me. As a part-time teacher, as well as a new Library Manager, I have had to learn to manage my time effectively and I wouldn't have managed it without the help and support of the SLS team. The course has helped me understand how to prioritise jobs throughout the year as well as how simple tasks can make a huge impact on the library. The virtual videos have meant I can work through the course at my own pace and keep referring to them when needed. I'm really looking forward to the next session."

Please see the Training Programme 2022-23 Sway for all the details of our upcoming training courses.

Paid Courses

Managing your Primary School Library

A virtual course spread over 2 terms, comprising 2 eLearning modules; 2 virtual forums, a piece of course work and some preparatory virtual learning. For subscribing schools, the cost is £90 per person and £125 per person for non-subscribing schools.




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Booking Form

Managing Your Primary School Library (Self-Directed)

Wanting to participate in our Managing Your Primary School Library Course but the time isn’t right? Don’t fret, we have a Self Directed MYPSL Course: an eLearning-only course that you can sign-up for at any time. The course contains 15 eLearnings for you to work through at your own pace that will help you gain the knowledge you need. Should you ever need any help, you can always email your local SLS Centre with questions.


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Booking Form

Creative Displays

This half-day course will provide you with practical display solutions for when you have limited space, little budget and even less time. From autumn through to the summer term, learn about quick, creative and crafty ideas to enhance and enliven your library and display space around the school to promote books and reading. For more information, read our Sway here.




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Next Steps

This virtual course builds on from Managing your Primary School Library (MYPSL)

It is aimed at delegates who have run a school library for a couple of years and are wanting to develop from the basics. The course will run over a term and will involve watching webinars, attending a live virtual Q&A forum and the completion of coursework. The webinar topics will include preparation for Ofsted, transition and advocacy etc.

The cost is £70 per person from subscribing schools and £100 for non-subscribers. The cost of this course will be taken by journal transfer using GL code 3103. Academies will be invoiced. 




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Free Courses

Induction to SLS

A free introduction to running a school library and making the most of the School Library Service. This course will be run virtually on Microsoft Teams. The induction session will provide you with the opportunity to have an introduction to making the most of the time you have in the library. Find out about the full range of services available to the school from the School Library Service and how you can use the service effectively.

Running Your Secondary School Library

This course aims to give core guidance to those who have recently taken on new responsibility for the day-to-day running of a Secondary School Library or Learning Resource Centre. Over two, 2-hour sessions, with eLearning provided in-between on our SLS Moodle, this course will give an overview of the librarian’s entire role with links to sources of further information. Delivered in a small group or individually, completing the whole course will offer a good grounding for a successful school career.

Rekindling a Love for Reading

A recent Ofsted report noted the impact the current situation is having on pupils’ reading. Teachers had identified a need to rekindle a love for reading to help pupils improve their fluency and stamina. This virtual training course includes a 30-minute video recommending a variety of resources to reignite a reading culture in your school, alongside a booklist with all the resources shown.

The Role of the Book Corner

Learn how to make the most of whatever space you have in your classroom. A 30-minute webinar focused on the classroom book corners; packed with ideas, advice and best practice to help you support the development of children’s love of reading through classroom book displays.

Junior Librarian, Reading Cloud & Eclipse eLearning

A virtual work-at-your-own pace eLearning course to help you understand and use your Library Management System. Whether you use Junior Librarian, Reading Cloud or Eclipse – this course covers all 3 systems provided by Education Software Solutions. Included in the eLearning are 14 video modules to walk you through the various functionalities of the system with an accompanying how-to document for each module. Learners will also receive access to an additional training pack which includes further information and guides to help them explore their LMS even further. The course will enable learners to understand the wide range of uses for this library package and how to effectively implement the functionality in a school setting.

Helping Children Develop a Love of Reading

The following presentation video and document are tools to use during parents and carers meetings or can be downloaded and sent to parents and carers.

Becoming a Pupil Librarian

Our entire course on becoming a Pupil Librarian, including videos and sections on How to Shelve Fiction & Non-Fiction, Using Library Management Systems, Tidying your Library and creating Displays. Includes a downloadable certificate for when you complete the training.

Virtual Webinars

SLS will be running free CPD sessions which will focus on School Library issues, challenges and opportunities enabling you to gain new ideas and expand your skill set. Each session will last between 15-30 minutes and will be held virtually. A video of the session will be available to view after the event for anyone unable to attend.

March 2023 Secondary Seminar - Using Your Non-Fiction as a Blueprint to Citizenship

The seminar will include a discussion on preparing students for life in modern Britain with access to a fully sourced school library. Rejuvenating the non-fiction collection in secondary school libraries and providing students with relevant research skills to fully access a school's Citizenship curriculum and prepare for life beyond school. This session will be held virtually on Microsoft Teams on Thursday 16 March from 10 am - 12.30 pm. Sign up by filling out this form.