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Lexplore Analytics a unique AI based method of assessing reading

Eye movements can offer valuable insight into the complex cognitive and linguistic processes behind reading. Using the latest in eye tracking technology to measure when, where, and how children’s eyes move in relation to the words they are reading, we can pick up on minor differences in the way they process text.

The eyes of a child with a high reading ability generally move through a passage of text with short, quick movements, whereas those of a child with a lower reading ability tend to move much slower, and they may fixate upon individual words. By studying such differences in saccadic movement and fixation time we can quickly evaluate how effectively the main processes involved with reading work together.

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Able to determine every pupil’s reading attainment in a matter of minutes, our assessment not only helps identify children with reading difficulties, such as Dyslexia before they have even developed their full communication skills but also enables teachers to accurately assess children with extremely low literacy capabilities.

The assessment has also been able to offer a fresh perspective when it comes pointing to children’s specific problem areas, some of which can be easily addressed, such as issues with reading speed, difficulties with certain sounds, or simply a lack of confidence with reading aloud.  

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With Lexplore Analytics, teachers are able to see a unique visualisation of each child’s reading process and for the first time what reading silently looks like.

As a School Leader Lexplore can give you an invaluable overview of reading throughout your entire school helping you to allocate teaching and financial resources where they are most needed.

By tracking your school’s data through our Portal, you can closely monitor progress at all levels and gain a thorough understanding of how your school compares to national averages.

By enabling teachers to identify pupils who are struggling at a much earlier stage we can ensure they receive the particular interventions required, and prevent their difficulties from impacting upon their whole school performance. As our Portal also allows comparisons to be made to national averages, we give school leaders an increased understanding of school performance in a much more external context.

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Using Lexplore's Results Portal teachers and SENCOs are able to closely monitor the reading progress of individual pupils, and ensure their interventions are having the intended impact! 

Lexplore understand that traditional methods of assessing reading tend to be resource intensive and extremely subjective. Therefore, their assessment gives a clear view of every pupil’s individual attainment level in a matter of minutes, and removes the need for any administrative input.

Using Lexplore's Results Portal teachers and SENCOs are able to closely monitor the reading progress of individual pupils, and ensure their interventions are having the intended impact! 

Lexplore understand that traditional methods of assessing reading tend to be resource intensive and extremely subjective. Therefore, their assessment gives a clear view of every pupil’s individual attainment level in a matter of minutes, and removes the need for any administrative input.

Lexplore's assessment is easy to set up and manage within the day to day running of the school and is able to determine reading attainment in a matter of minutes! Teachers can then dedicate their time to providing the interventions their pupils require, as opposed to marking paper-based tests and manually evaluating reading themselves.

With regular testing able to highlight even minor improvements in reading attainment through percentiles within our five coloured levels, teachers can use our Portal to monitor progress over time and make quick comparisons within their classes and to national averages.

By combining audio and eye movement recordings we are also able to give teachers a unique visual representation of each child’s individual reading process, which can be used to tailor support to their specific needs and back up teacher’s professional judgements. So far these results have proven especially useful for sharing information with parents and also teachers during transition meetings between classes.



Lexplore are thrilled to be not only a British Dyslexia Association SMART Organisation but also as one of their assured partners helping with the early identification of reading difficulties in schools across the UK and beyond.

Lexplore's assessment, as accredited and used by the BDA themselves, can offer a powerful and objective insight into reading, helping pinpoint specific problem areas so all children can receive the tailored support they need much earlier in their education.

Working with the BDA not only enables us to offer our Customers access to a choice of diagnostic services and resources, but also access to informative training days so teachers can increase their understanding by working with Dyslexia specialists. In their own words “Assured means that in the opinion of the BDA the product is effective at identifying or supporting Dyslexia if used as intended, is based on general accepted and well-established science, and the marketing accurately reflects what a user can expect.”

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Following over 30 years of academic research at the Karolinska Institute, which has selected the Nobel laureates in Physiology and Medicine since 1901, we first launched our unique method of assessing reading in Sweden in 2015. After a successful entrance into the US in 2017, we then launched in the UK early in 2018.

Lexplore's work is still driven by the same overarching commitment to education upon which Lexplore was founded many years ago, however, our assessment has undergone much further development, making it even more useful for enabling schools to closely monitor and evaluate reading progress. Today, having conducted more than 10,000 tests across all three countries, we have received lots of media attention and several awards.

With a widely recognised correlation between literacy, attainment, and behaviour, teachers work tirelessly to improve reading attainment. However, many current methods of assessing reading don’t take into account the full range of complex cognitive processes involved. This means it can take lots of time for teachers to collect the in depth information they need to back up their professional judgements.

Lexplore's unique assessment is based upon established, and peer reviewed research into the relationship between reading difficulties and eye movements. In a matter of minutes, it can precisely determine a child’s reading attainment, and help teachers identify those experiencing difficulties at a stage before they have even developed their full communication skills.

Book your demonstration here – https://www.lexplore-analytics.co.uk/book-your-online-demonstration/

Lexplore Analytics and Hampshire SLS

Through our collaboration with Lexplore Analytics we are able to offer all schools in Hampshire as well as Hants SLS subscribers in surrounding authorities preferential pricing based on our exclusivity agreement.

We are delighted to offer a 12 month Lexplore Analytics’ licence for unlimited pupils, on-site training day, associated support and hardware, at the special price of £900, offer valid until end of July. Your licence period will not begin until your training is delivered so you will not miss out if your school is closed for any period of time. Usually priced at £6 per pupil plus £645 for training and hardware, this offer represents a significant saving, meaning now is a great time to register your interest. Additional discount is also available on future year’s licences.  (click here to find out more)


SLS Subscribers

Non-SLS Subscribers



Minimum annual licence number of 30 named pupils per year, no maximum pupil number, suitable for Curriculum Years 2-8

£6 per pupil per year

£7 per pupil per year

2 year sign up features a £1 reduction per pupil for second year


SLS on site pupil assessment -

(30 pupils per half day)

0-30 pupils



30-60 pupils




School Staff pupil assessment -

SLS Training day including Eye Tracker

(one day training for up to 2 staff)

£645 (inc £195 Eye Tracker)

£695 (inc £195 Eye Tracker)


Staff Twilight Session

1 session free, £50 for additional sessions

£50 per session

Schools can either purchase a pupil assessment service from SLS where we will come in assess your pupils using our equipment, or schools can purchase the equipment to test themselves and SLS will train school staff on how to test and interpret the results.

We would recommend an annual pupil baseline test for the select pupils, then either a termly or end of year follow up assessment for the group of pupils who have been identified as needing strategies to improve reading; this will monitor the impact of the intervention put in place.

When schools purchase the pupil assessment service from us, at the end of the onsite assessment our team will deliver a result session with the school’s senior team which will enable SLTs to have the knowledge on how to access and interpret the results portal. 

To find out more and see how much Lexplore would cost your school, please contact SLS Digital on 01962 826663 or email digi.sls@hants.gov.uk

Click the images below to download Lexplore Analytics brochures:

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Book your demonstration here – https://www.lexplore-analytics.co.uk/book-your-online-demonstration/

Lexplore Research and Development

Tracking eye movements to help reading - BBC News Article 

Thirty schools in the UK are trialling technology that aims to help improve literacy issues in the classrooms.

Software tracks the eye movements of children while they read, allowing teachers to see within five minutes if they are having trouble with certain words or letters.

Freemantle Church of England Community Academy in Southampton, Hampshire, is one of schools involved.

It is hoped the technology can give an early indication of problems. (Click News Logo to watch article)

BBC News Link

BBC Radio Solent featured Lexplore and Freemantle CoE Primary school on the Julian Clegg breakfast show on Wednesday 3rd of April; this interview gives a great overview of Lexplore and what a school leader think of it.


BBC South today ran a feature on the partnership between Lexplore and Freemantle CoE Primary school.  The feature was aired on both the lunch time and tea time news on Friday 12th of April.  Watch below to see interviews with the school, Lexplore and watch pupils actually sitting an assessment.

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