Book and Author EventsWelcome to our SLS Events page, including Book & Author Events and our awards. You can find more information on the Book Awards below, as well as information on the Literature Quiz. We have a pair of paid offerings too, for extra activities at school:

Texts That Tempt

Wanting to broaden your knowledge of children’s resources? Need help on where to start? The SLS has devised a virtual one-hour video to introduce you to what is currently available. It will include fiction, non-fiction and poetry linking texts to the curriculum as well as identifying books to read aloud, reading for greater depth, for pleasure and just for fun! You can find the full page here.

Meet the Author Virtual

Our Meet the Author Programme has gone Virtual! Find our full Virtual Meet the Author page here:

HBA 2021 Pupil Area

  • Hampshire Book Award
  • Hampshire Illustrated Book Award
  • Hampshire Picture Book Award
  • Hampshire Information Book Award